As a person who named her company after the history's most famously luxurious train, the Orient Express; I was so excited to see the newly released version of "Murder on the Orient Express".

I have already watched the 1974 film, based on the Agatha Christie's best seller novel. It was gorgeous by the time. But my expectations were huge from this one since the costume designer of this release was Oscar winning Alexandra Byrne, known for her work on Phantom of the Opera.

Mystery movies are not definitely my favorite, but I was so thrilled to jump into this train departing from Istanbul to London by its mystic passengers; the smartest detective of all times Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh), the scar faced Johnny Depp, flirtatious gossipy blonde Michelle Pfeiffer, a Spanish missionary Penelope Cruz, an eccentric Austrian Proffessor Willem Defoe, an exile Russian Princess Judi Dench, a vamp British governess Daisy Ridley.

My God! 1930s first class steam-age travel is beyond glamorous. If I could have a chance to travel back in time, I would definitely choose this one. The era that art deco rules!

Did you know that during the 20's and 30's there were books to describe women how to wear for different occasions; like travel, shopping, opera or a garden party! These were like the amendments of Art Deco Republic Constitution. And everyone obeyed them.

By buying a first class (cinema) ticket to Murder on the Orient Express I found myself on a palace on wheels, surrounded by intrigues, stucked in a snowdrift and a dead body in one of the compartments! As Poirot takes the case and starts interrogating the suspects, I waited my turn to come by staring the incredible costumes, art deco fittings, mouth watering food service and jaw dropping jewelry!

Costume Designer Alexandra Bryne stated that most of the accessories and jewelry used in the movie were vintage pieces, sourced at flea markets. And a few items were produced, special to this movie.

Let's take a look at what the usual suspects wore;

Princess Natalia Dragomiroff, played by Judy Dench: My favorite passenger on the train! She makes her entrance, dripping with diamonds and precious gems in every form: necklaces, bracelets, chandelier earrings and eye-popping rings. Bryne stated; “We found some amazing pieces but Thirties jewelry is quite difficult on film because that’s when Chanel was bringing in costume jewelry so you have to define where you’re saying it’s paste and where you’re saying it’s real. I didn’t want to go too overboard but I wanted it to be quite eclectic and bohemian. Christie describes her as having ‘a knuckleduster of rings’ so we made lots of those based on original Russian pieces” Don't miss the scene which she opens her jewelry box and displays her gorgeous jewelry collection.

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Caroline Hubbard, played by Michelle Pfeiffer: Simple yet chic style! As a devious, husband hunter she mainly wore gold jewelry (art necklaces, pendants and layered bracelets) and couple of gemmy rings. I fell in love with her little finger ring.

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Countess Elena Andrenyis, played by Lucy Boynton: A countess wearing oriental silk pyjamas and nightgowns and generally makes her appearances at night. She wears delicate jewelry like chokers, pearl earrings and gold bracelets.

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