Yes the inspiration is Orient Express but thank god we are living in 2017, rather than 1880's,where we have social media!
It was very easy to decide on brands. I checked my IG account and made the list of jewelers that I was already following and admiring.

I made a short list out of them, choosing the ones which could easily carry the breeze of Istanbul to Canada. I thought these jewels should be the passage to my hometown.

I hope that the jewels would make people feel like they are travelling back in time when they are worn. Perhaps like a countess who had a first-class ticket in the Orient Express to visit the Sultan.
Okay, I might be exaggerating it. But admit it, you also loved watching Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris! So this is just the idea :)

Let me introduce Orient Express Design's brands;

House of Div

Gülşah is a very talented architect and she gets inspiration from almost everything- ancient buildings, books, clothes, sailor nodes, history- to design a jewelry. For example; her handmade necklace design,which is inspired by Talismanic Shirts, was used by Ottoman Sultans to heal and protect themselves. This design won the award "Silver A' Design 2015-2016”. I guarantee that you will feel privileged and eternal while wearing Gülşah's jewelry.


Ari is third generation of the Grand Bazaar's one of the most well known stores. This 15 square feet store has been selling handmade art jewelry to a very special customer segment for 126 years. Crowns that once belonged to princesses, badges of Ottoman viziers are the least you can find in this store. Ari was born into this world. He created his own brand by combining the inspiration he got from the history of his family and this magical store. By wearing his designs, you will feel the power and creativity of Istanbul in you.

Melis Göral

This girl has a style! Melis was also born into jewelry. Her father Ziya Göral is one of the most famous jewelry designers in Turkey. She combines her father's legacy, the elegance of past with the modernism of our era. Her 1920’s Art Deco inspired jewelry features emeralds, sapphires and diamonds which received much attention from celebrities and other jewelry designers. I am sure the countesses of Orient Express would have enjoyed wearing Melis's art deco pieces, so will you.


Elif is a day dreamer who has designed a beautiful collection of Starbursts, Milky Ways, Rain Drops, Daisies, Bees and Birds. All of these remind me our happy childhood when we used to play hopscotch on the narrow streets of Istanbul. Do you miss the child in you? Do you still want to play? Then let's play with Elif's beautiful ornaments.

Ps One Jewelry

While walking in quick steps at the Akmerkez Mall, a gold and diamond sword earring on a showcase caught my attention. I entered the store and I immediately fell in love. The swords reminded me of the Ottoman Sultan's swords and I actually ended up buying those earrings! I might say it was quite expensive but it definitely made my day! That was the day, I met Pınar and her fabulous designs. Pınar's jewelry is going whisper; "Be the one, be unique!" in to your ears and I assure you, you will.

P.S: Irrelevant to the concept, but Woody Allen should definitely make a movie about Istanbul.