It was the same day;

That I felt courageous enough to sneak into my father's office, who passed away 5 years ago, and started looking around.

Old photographs of Istanbul, childhood pictures of me and my sisters, a portrait of my mom when she was in her 20's, Ottoman newspapers dated 1920's, first newspapers of young Turkish Republic dated 1929, lots of Atatürk photos, stamp books, old Leica and Canon cameras which were extremely popular during that time, lots of slides and ancient slide machines, 8 mm films, books, outdated coins in a jar, fishing rods and hooks that are kept in a handmade wooden box, more books, lots of books...

Time stopped in that small room. The only thing which was absent was my dad; cutting frames carefully and getting ready to sell his pictures at the bazaar of Ortaköy.

I picked up one of the books randomly, wiped off the dust with my hand and skimmed through the pages.

The book was called "The Orient Express; A Century of Railway Adventures."

Orient Express has always been an inspiration to me and my dad.

When I moved out from my parents' house and moved in to a small apartment by myself, I got some posters of Orient Express from my dad and hung them on one of the walls.

I believe that many people were pleasantly surprised by the amount of knowledge that I had about this spectacular train. The knowledge that I got from my dad and my homeland.

Driven by one king, rescuing another, ransacked by brigands, blocked by snow, isolated by epidemics, the Orient Express will traverse Europe, the century and the wars.

In de luxe decor, the intrigues, the droll stories, the suspense and the dramas were the rhythm of life of this palace on wheels.

A cosmopolitan clientele of English Earls, Hungarian Barons, Turkish merchants, ambassadors or spies, tread on its carpets. Let us not be surprised that numbers of poets, writers and film makers could not resist the desire to experience and evoke the magic of it!

The King of The Trains and The Train of the Kings...

Orient Express made its first journey from Paris to Constantinople; the gate of the Orient, by the line Strasbourg, Vienna, Bucharest and Varna on 10th October 1882, witnessed by the exclusive guests of ministers, diplomats and journalists and travelled.

I closed the book, put it in my bag, and took it home with me.

While sipping on my Turkish coffee from my grandma’s antique cups and I was staring at the book that was lying on my coffee table… That’s when I found it!

I found what I wanted to do when I immigrate to Canada with my two kids.

I wanted to combine two of my passions: Orient Express and art of jewelry. Since I can't work as a journalist (which is my profession in Turkey) in Canada, maybe I could sell jewelry.

A journey of luxury, sparkle, history, comfort and taste from the world's most mystic city Istanbul;

From the Gate of Orient, to Canada.

The Queen of Jewels and Jewel of Queens

Yes, we are here now. So let’s get this journey started!